We have sought to understand the environmental impact of our activity and our products to minimise it and become a benchmark company. One of our primary concerns is to ensure sustainable production of olive oil, table olives and sherry vinegar.

Sustainable olive oil production at S.A.T. Santa Teresa

Our staff is aware of their responsibility in caring for the planet. Our entire team is mindful and committed to doing whatever it takes to integrate environmental protection into their daily work. To this end, S.A.T. Santa Teresa is committed to carrying out a range of measures to make our world a better place:

Sustainable agricultural production

Environmentally friendly integrated production and organic farming enables us to avoid harming our planet by adequately managing the olive grove, oil mill and seasoning plant.

Efficient use of resources

Sustainable olive oil production is only possible if the processes involved are meticulously planned. Decisions are based on environmental criteria to prevent polluting the Earth.

Minimising noise levels, gas emissions and effluents

It is essential to be at the forefront of innovative machinery and techniques available in our sector to prevent the emission of unpleasant sounds, gases or polluting residues.

Waste transformation

Although some form of waste is inevitable during our work, we seek to minimise its production and encourage its use for other purposes. For instance, the leaves attached to the olives are removed and used by farmers as food for livestock.

Rational use of energy and water

Water and energy are essential to the sustainable production of olive oil. It is imperative to ensure their optimal use, preventing wastage.

S.A.T. Santa Teresa, a company committed to our planet

We must take all the necessary steps towards sustainable production of olive oil, table olives and sherry vinegar. To this end, it is crucial to follow all Spanish, European and international regulations and recommendations on environmental protection.

Moreover, we consider it essential to periodically redefine our environmental objectives and goals to comply with all necessary standards and measures. These ongoing actions show our commitment to tackling this critical challenge for our planet.