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[expand title=”Can I cancel my order before it is delivered?”]

The order cannot be cancelled once the purchase and checkout process has been completed.


[expand title=”Can I have the order delivered to a shop?”]

The order will be sent to the address provided in the order, regardless of whether it is a shop or a private residence.


[expand title=”What do I do if I have not received my order confirmation?”]

If you have not received your order confirmation, please contact our customer service department at 1881direct@1881.es so they can assist you and solve the incident.


[expand title=”Can I change my delivery address?”]

The ordering system is automated to avoid errors. Therefore, you will not be able to change the delivery address once the order and checkout process has been completed.


[expand title=”In which countries can I buy Aceites 1881 products?”]

For orders outside mainland Spain, you will have to place your order via e-mail at 1881direct@1881.es. We will provide a shipping estimate for the order.

Countries with home delivery:

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Scotland
  • Spain
  • France
  • Wales
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg


[expand title=”What are the payment options?”]

You can pay by bank transfer or credit card.


[expand title=”How long will it take to deliver my order?”]

Your order will be prepared within 48 hours after it has been placed and the payment received. Once the order is prepared, we send the product(s) to the delivery address provided. Our standard estimated delivery time for Spain will be typically within five (5) to six (6) working days after checkout and payment.


[expand title=”Do you deliver worldwide?”]

Yes, the company can ship worldwide. For orders outside Spain, please contact us at 1881direct@1881.es.


[expand title=”Where is my order?”]

After checkout and payment is completed, the order is processed by various production departments until its delivery. You may contact 1881direct@1881.es for any questions about shipment. However, in principle, the order should be delivered within the estimated delivery time.


[expand title=”What are the shipping costs for my online order?”]

The shipping costs for your online order will be detailed at the checkout prior to payment, where you can review your order. Shipping costs will vary based on weight and shipping destination. We have thoroughly analysed the shipping costs to make them as affordable as much as possible.


[expand title=”What is your return policy?”]

The product may be returned if it is broken or damaged upon delivery. Please open the parcel when it is delivered and check the goods with the driver/carrier. Otherwise, the goods may not be returned. Nonetheless, please contact our customer service, as we will assess each case individually.


[expand title=”What is the difference between olive oil packaged in P.E.T., can and glass?”]

The 1881 Alta Selección olive oil is the same regardless of the packaging. The type of packaging depends on how frequently you will consume olive oil.

Prices vary according to the packaging size, as does the storage method of the olive oil to preserve all its properties.

Olive oil is a living product that tends to spoil over time due to the oxidation of its compounds. Much like other products, oxidation increases with exposure to light and heat; therefore, the can is the most recommendable packaging for long-term consumption. Glass containers protect olive oil better than P.E.T. because glass has lower light and thermal conductivity.

All packaging formats are appropriate for high consumption households, for instance, in Spain.


[expand title=”Does EVOO have an expiration date?”]

EVOO does not have an expiration date but a best-before date. Each company decides the shelf life based on the packaging date and the olive oil’s properties.

The shelf life of 1881 is 18 months from packaging, as its quality exceeds the minimum standard.


[expand title=”What is the best way to preserve my Aceite 1881?”]

The best way to preserve our olive oil is to protect it from light and heat, stored in an appropriate place with the cap always on. It should only be removed when you use it.


[expand title=”Why is the sediment on the bottom of the container?”]

Many olive oils are not fully filtered to maintain their highly-valued denser texture. This may, sometimes, produce sediment similar to what happens in orange juice (pulp). This sediment does not mean that the extra virgin olive has deteriorated or gone bad.

In winter and at low temperatures, you may find whitish particles suspended in olive oil. This is caused by the solidification of certain olive oil compounds at low temperatures.


[expand title=”What olive varieties do we use to make our EVOO?”]

The 1881 EVOO is a blend of Manzanilla, Hojiblanca and Lechín varieties.


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