SAT Santa Teresa

Our story begins in La Osuna in 1959, where a group of 37 farmers decided to join forces and, under the maxims of demand and quality, form the Santa Teresa Agrarian Transformation Society (S.A.T. Santa Teresa).

More than half a century later, the S.A.T. Santa Teresa brings together the majority of Ursano farmers among its more than 700 associates, employs 1,200 families and exports its products to more than 20 countries.

In this way, and through our 1881 extra virgin olive oil, we have taken the image of Osuna and its thousand-year-old olive trees all over the world, making it synonymous with quality and tradition.

SAT Santa Teresa - Aceite 1881

The secret of Aceite 1881 is found in our philosophy, supported by 4 basic and essential pillars:


Every autumn, the birth of the first oil represents the reunion of the people of Ursaón with their own history: each drop of 1881 extra virgin olive oil is the result of the daily effort of the Osuna workers to always achieve the highest quality and keep intact the legacy that was entrusted to us.
The S.A.T. Santa Teresa has been able to adapt this heritage and bring the culture of Osuna closer to today's consumers with the best products from our land: 1881 olive oil, exquisite olives and Jerez vinegar.
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Differentiated quality

The cultivation of the olive tree and the culture that surrounds us constitute one of the most important legacies of the different civilizations that have formed part of this land and left their heritage in the town of Osuna.
Aware of this historical responsibility, at SAT Santa Teresa we have been working for more than 50 years to preserve the traditional processes to produce our emblematic 1881 extra virgin olive oil.


Our staff know their responsible role in caring for the planet. Our entire team is aware and committed so that sustainable development and environmental protection are inherent elements in the development of our work.
To achieve this, it has been vital that S.A.T. Santa Teresa assumes its environmental responsibility, implementing forms of production that reduce its impact on the natural environment, starting with that great Mediterranean forest that is the olive grove.


In its effort to preserve and value the culture of the olive grove and extra virgin olive oil in Osuna, S.A.T. Santa Teresa has promoted, for more than a decade, the Proclamation of the Birth of the First Oil.
This event celebrates the end of the oil campaign and the packaging of the first bottles through the planting of a young olive tree in the Osuna collegiate church. An event that has already become a Ursanoan tradition, which has had the participation of figures such as José Manuel Caballero, Manuel Vicent, Jesús Quintero, Antonio Gala, Mario Vargas Llosa and Sánchez Dragó since 2004.