S.A.T. Santa Teresa is capable of bringing three products from the countryside to your home that will make you remember the purest flavors and aromas of Osuna. Of the highest quality and with a total guarantee of food safety: extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and table olives.

Sherry vinager

Vinagres 1881 are made with noble wines from Jerez, in the tranquility of the wineries of the same town, which give it incomparable and extraordinary nuances.
S.A.T. Santa Teresa is a specialist in the sale of the highest quality sherry vinegars, with an aroma and harmony that make it ideal for recipes of the Mediterranean diet. The process we follow to produce them mixes the traditional aging of soleras and criaderas with the most modern techniques so that they acquire an exclusive flavor. This system is ideal so that the aeration and oxidation that our vinegars receive allow it to become a mature product, with a wide aromatic range, with accentuated organoleptic properties that make it special and ready for you to enjoy in your dishes.
Our sherry vinegar is packaged in a glass bottle, which will ensure that none of the qualities that make it an excellent quality product are lost. In addition, you have the possibility of choosing the option with a case: of great beauty, it makes it ideal to give it as a gift to people who know how to appreciate good cooking.


Sharing the 1881 Olives is not only an opportunity to enjoy with your loved ones, it is also an excellent way to take care of your health and that of others. Its incredible flavor, obtained thanks to having safeguarded the Osuna olive tradition from generation to generation, is something that makes all of us who are part of the S.A.T. family proud. Santa Teresa.
Both the green chamomile variety, with its intense and appetizing taste, and the black variety, with a mild taste and tasty, firm pulp, provide numerous benefits for the body due to their nutritional value, since they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
Knowing that our olives are of interest to everyone who wants to take care of themselves and enjoy some magnificent dishes of the Mediterranean diet, we make them available to you through our online store. Receive them at your home and in your business to delight yourself with the most characteristic flavor of Osuna.
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