At S.A.T. Santa Teresa, we ensure a perfect production process down to the smallest detail. Only then can we achieve products that satisfy the most discerning palates. A strict and demanding quality policy compels us to comply with the standard upon which we have built our company since the beginning: guaranteed excellence.

Quality - Aceite 1881

The two core principles of S.A.T. Santa Teresa are to provide comprehensive service to the agricultural sector and continually improve our product. We rely on innovation and technology to achieve this. Our Assembly is also committed to supporting lifelong training, organising courses and conferences on cultivation methods and pruning, and promoting cooperativism, integrated production and quality amongst our members.

However, we can only produce our Extra Virgin Olive Oil if we continue to harvest and process using traditional methods. Only then can we make the authentic Virgin Olive Oil according to the parameters set out in the International Agreement of the International Olive Council, the Food Codex of the World Health Organization and EU Regulations. These parameters establish, amongst other things, that oil extraction take place exclusively by mechanical processes that do not modify the oil and without any treatment.

S.A.T. Santa Teresa is heavily involved in various research projects with specialised centres that study the virtues of extra virgin olive. They seek to identify new properties that would scientifically prove the importance of its continued use in the daily diet.

Quality - Aceite 1881
Quality - Aceite 1881
Quality - Aceite 1881
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