Elaboration process

To produce an extra virgin olive oil with a unique personality, we carry out our work with the utmost care and attention. Offering a comprehensive service to agriculture and the constant improvement of the product are two inalienable maxims for S.A.T. Santa Teresa, which we always keep in mind when making our products.

Elaboration process - Aceite 1881


Our olive trees offer us their excellent fruits between November and February, harvest months. The farmers of the cooperative maintain the traditional techniques of olive cultivation through integrated and ecological production processes, and are concerned that the entire process is carried out impeccably.

Elaboration process - Aceite 1881


Once collected, in our mill at S.A.T Santa Teresa we classify them according to variety and maturity index. Only healthy fruits and in perfect state of maturity are chosen. In this way, we guarantee both the quality and the flavor demanded by our consumers.

Elaboration process - Aceite 1881


The next step is done in grinding. Here we will obtain our exquisite EVOO, extracted from the olive by mechanical means and subjected to centrifugation and decantation processes to eliminate any impurity that could affect its quality.

Elaboration process - Aceite 1881


Once the process is complete, the extra virgin olive oil is stored in our cellar, where we ensure the optimal factors for its preservation and dispatch.
Thus, we ensure that the EVOO that reaches your table retains all its purity and unique properties.

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