Productores de aceitunas de mesa


Our Aceitunas 1881 have established themselves as a benchmark for healthy food. It is an excellent addition to any recipe served by our consumers or as a delicious appetiser to enjoy with loved ones.

Its unparalleled flavour stems from Osuna’s olive tradition, upheld from generation to generation. The S.A.T. Santa Teresa family takes great pride in this product.

Aceitunas 1881, a paragon of good taste

S.A.T. Santa Teresa stands out for its online sale of whole table olives. We offer two varieties that you will love:

Green manzanilla olives

With an intense and appealing taste, its large size and ideal shape will surprise you. Osuna’s flavour in small bites.

Black manzanilla olives

Its mild taste makes it an ideal table olive variety. Furthermore, its tasty, firm pulp will be a pleasure for all your senses.

The fruit must be professionally harvested and selected with great care and meticulous attention to achieve this quality and avoid damaging the olive. Owing to this attention to detail, we have attained maximum customer satisfaction for our online sales of table olives.

Online sale of quality table olives

Sharing Aceitunas 1881 is not only an opportunity to enjoy your time with loved ones but also an excellent way to take care of your health and protect others. Both the green and black manzanilla varieties, which are the soul of Seville, have nutritional benefits for the body, as they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Our olives are also available in our online shop because we know that it is a suitable option for everyone who wants to take care of their health. You can enjoy them in many excellent dishes of the Mediterranean diet. We will deliver them to your home or business so you can enjoy Osuna’s most iconic flavour.