Olive oil - Aceite 1881

Olive oil

S.A.T. Santa Teresa produces a high-quality EVOO that will surprise you: Aceite de Oliva 1881. You will discover its exceptional flavour, unique in the world; the perfect blend of Manzanilla, Hojiblanca and Lechín olives. This excellent blend is synonymous with Osuna’s millenarian olive culture.

Olive oil - Aceite 1881

How we produce our Aceite de Oliva 1881

To produce an EVOO with a unique personality, we work with utmost care and attention. From comprehensive monitoring of olive trees to controls on delivery. We want to be sure that the customers who buy Aceite de Olive 1881 can enjoy it in their home or business.

Our olive trees produce excellent fruits between December and February, the harvest months. Our expert farmers make sure that the entire process is carried out seamlessly to obtain the best EVOO. To this end, they manually harvest the olives directly from the tree without touching the ground.

We know that a good selection after harvest is essential. S.A.T. Santa Teresa classifies the olives by variety and ripeness. Only the fruits with the guaranteed quality and flavour demanded by our customers are chosen. We then take them to the mill, where our delicious EVOO is pressed.

Our Aceite de Oliva 1881 must also be preserved adequately until its final delivery to the consumers. The olive oil is stored in Almazara de Osuna’s cellars to ensure optimal storage conditions. In this way, we can ensure that it is delivered to your table with its unique flavour.

Olive oil - Aceite 1881

Olive oil - Aceite 1881

Buy Aceite de Oliva 1881 to enjoy the flavour of Osuna at home

Our Aceite de Oliva 1881 is characterised by the unique flavour that our olive trees lend to the olives. Our blend of Manzanilla, Hojiblanca and Lechín varieties produces an exquisite taste that is difficult to convey in words. Furthermore, if you are looking for an EVOO with personality, you will be surprised by its excellent aroma, ideal for the local cuisine and confectionery.

Consuming our EVOO will help you take care of your health. Our olive varieties have high polyphenol content, a natural antioxidant that protects against various diseases, including heart and cancer. Given that the content is higher than the amount required by the IOC (5 mg per 20 g), you will feel healthier in your life if you consume it frequently.