SAT Nº 1941 SANTA TERESA deems it necessary, given the increase in volume of its activities, its complexity, growing specialization and customer demand for Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Food Safety, to implement a system of Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Food Safety based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 and FSSC 220000 standards. Thus, the following strategic aims are pursued: the continuing increase in the organization’s competitiveness and maximum care in every process that we undertake, in every decision we make and in every action that we carry out in order to guarantee quality, safety, and customer satisfaction with a product, virgin olive oil, in accordance with customer expectations and with the demands of the market.


The purpose of SAT Nº 1941 SANTA TERESA is to give its clients the best service at the best price. Our utmost satisfaction is for our clients to be satisfied with our products, for which we will spare no effort in the continual improvement of the production of table olives and olive oil.


SAT Nº 1941 SANTA TERESA has established the following principles as Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Food Safety policy:


SAT 1941 “SAT Nº 1941 SANTA TERESA” chooses to make Quality Assurance and Food Safety its business culture both in products and in services.


Therefore, aware that its attainment is never a coincidence, but the fruit of constant effort, SAT Nº 1941 SANTA TERESA adopts as policy the identification and commitment of all its members to Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Food Safety in its broadest sense, and the commitment to always seek to:


  • Comply with the current legislation, its regulations and regulatory requirements established internally by the organization or according to voluntary agreements with our clients, in relation to our activities, products and services.


  • Fully satisfy the requests of our partners, offering a comprehensive service with the fastest possible response times.


  • Guarantee and monitor compliance with health and safety conditions in the development of our processes, as well as the safety of our products.


  • Establish, implement and maintain efficient procedures to communicate with suppliers and contractors, customers and consumers, authorities and other organizations or interested parties. Similarly, to establish, implement and maintain efficient communication guidelines with personnel concerning questions that affect food quality, safety and environmental impact.


  • Collaborate with public and private bodies in the innovation and improvement of quality both in product, processes and environment as well as in any health alerts, guaranteeing, in the case of health alerts, their external and internal communication at all times.


  • Provide the necessary resources in order to comply with the Objectives of Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Food Safety, and enable the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System.


  • Pay constant attention to the innovation, continuous improvement and learning of company activities. To this end, we will support and encourage all the initiatives aimed at the continuous improvement of Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Food Safety of our project, as well as the Management System itself.


  • Ensure that the activities and processes are carried out with a suitable level of environmental protection and a growing level of efficiency in the utilization of natural and energy resources.


  • Maintain the organization’s commitment to protect the environment, the prevention of pollution and the appropriate management of the waste generated by our activities.


In order for this policy to be understood and adhered to by all personnel, it will be distributed to all the members of this company and to interested external parties, in order to stress that everybody in the organization, within their role, is important for the correct functioning of SAT 1941 Santa Teresa and thus for succeeding in meeting the requirements needed for the product to reach the required safety level. The objectives of Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Food Safety can only be attained with the support and collaboration of everyone.




Signed: Diego Angulo García

-General Manager-