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Can I cancel my order before receiving it?

Cancellation of the order will not be possible once purchase and payment have been made.

Can I receive my order in a shop?

The order will be sent to the address given in the order, independent of whether it is a shop or a private residence.

What do I do if I have not received the confirmation of my order?

If you do not receive the order confirmation, we request that you contact our Customer Service Department at so that they can assist you and resolve the matter.

What happens if I want to change my delivery address?

The order system is automated in order to prevent mistakes, which means that it will not be possible to change or modify the delivery address once the order and payment have been completed.

What countries can I buy the 1881 Oil products in?

The following countries have a purchasing system available on the website, including home delivery. For all other countries, the purchase needs to be made via email, to, so that they can give you a quote for the shipping of your order.

Countries with direct home delivery:

– Germany
– Belgium
– Denmark
– Scotland
– Spain
– France
– Wales
– Holland
– Ireland
– Luxembourg

What are the payment methods?

Product purchase can be made by bank transfer or credit card.

How long will take my order to arrive?

Once the order has been made and the payment received, the company will proceed to prepare the order, for which it will need 48 hours. Once the order has been prepared, the product will be sent to the requested destination. In Spain, the order arrival time after purchase is 5 working days, and in other countries the estimated delivery time is 10 working days after payment has been received.

Where is my order?

Once the order and payment have been received, the order enters the production-to-shipping process, from where it moves on to different departments. You can contact for any question you may have concerning the delivery, but in principle your order should be completed in the time estimated.

What are the shipping costs of my online order?

The costs of your online order are detailed in the final purchase page before payment, so that you can check them. The delivery costs are defined by the weight of the order and the destination country, and have been studied in depth to achieve the upmost optimization of the delivery process.

What is your returns policy?

The product may be returned in the event of breakages or damage, for which the customer is requested to open and check the delivery with the courier on reception. In the event that this is not done, the merchandise cannot be returned, although we request that you contact our Customer Service Department to study each case individually.

What are the payment methods?

Product purchase can be made by bank transfer or credit card.

What is the difference between the oil packaged in PET, tin and glass?

The oil packaged under the 1881 Alta Selección (Top Selection) brand is the same for any of the selected formats. The decision as to which packaging format to choose should be made in terms of how continuous the consumption of the product will be.
The packaging systems not only have different prices but also affect the maintenance characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil.
Because the oil is a ‘living’ product, it tends to deteriorate over time due to the oxidation of its compounds. This oxidation, as any other, is accelerated with exposure to light and heat. For this reason, the tin packaging is recommended if the consumption of the product is not going to be continuous. The glass bottle will protect the oil to a greater degree than the PET as the passage of light and heat through this material is lower.

Does EVOO have an expiration date?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE, from its initials in Spanish) does not have an expiration date, although it does have a best-before date, which every company decides on depending on the packing date and the characteristics of their oil.
1881 has a best-before date of 18 months after its packing date, due to its being packed or bottled with a higher quality than that which determines the norm.

What is the best way to keep my 1881 Oil?

The best way to keep our oil is to keep it out of the light and the heat, stored away and with the lid always on, only bringing it out when it is going to be used.

Why does sediment appear at the bottom of the container?

Many oils are not completely filtered to maintain the denser character so valued in them. This means that sometimes a precipitate of pulp is formed, similar to what happens in orange juice. This sediment is neither negative nor indicative of any deterioration in the extra virgin olive oil.
In winter and at low temperatures, it is possible that whitish particles in suspension appear. This is due to the solidification of some of the compounds of the oil at low temperatures (<10ºC) but as soon as it is warmer, the original appearance of the oil returns.

What varieties of olive do we use to make our EVOO?

1881 AOVE is a coupage (blend) prepared from the olive varieties Manzanilla, Hojiblanca and Lechín.