Vinagre con denominación de origen Jerez - Aceite de Oliva 1881


S.A.T. Santa Teresa is famous for its excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil, our prized olives and our delicious Vinagres 1881 with Jerez-Xerez-Sherry designation of origin. Regarded as the perfume of universal gastronomy, it has become an essential condiment for Spanish and international cuisine.

Enjoy Vinagres 1881 with S.A.T. Santa Teresa

Our Vinagres 1881 with Jerez-Xerez-Sherry designation of origin will delight the most discerning palates thanks to our secret. It is made from noble sherry wines produced in the peaceful environment of local wineries, lending incomparable and extraordinary nuances. You will never taste a product like this elsewhere.

The process involves combining the traditional soleras and criaderas system with state-of-the-art techniques to develop its unparalleled flavour, highly valued by people like you who are looking for companies that market sherry vinegar.

This system is ideal for aeration and oxidation of our Vinagres 1881, creating a mature product with a broad aromatic range and remarkable organoleptic properties, making it perfect for your dishes.

Sale of sherry vinegar for your home or restaurant

S.A.T. Santa Teresa specialises in top-quality sherry vinegar, with an aroma and balance perfect for the Mediterranean diet. As it becomes better known internationally, it will be increasingly used in cuisines that bear no relation to Spanish cuisine but which, nonetheless, will bring pleasure to the senses.

Our sherry vinegar is packaged in “Marasca” glass bottles to prevent the loss of the properties that make it a premium product. You can also choose to buy the vinegar in a gorgeous case. It would make an ideal gift for people who appreciate fine cuisine.